To all new comers

I want to invite all honestly visitors to use my little online-chapel for an inspiring meditation. I will bring you also some information about church art online, church music online, sermons and explain a little about catechism of the holy catholic church. If you want to help us with our online-chapel, write a short eMail to Padre Francisco or make a post with recommendations. Our first aim is to found another little roman catholic online church or online-chapel to improve the availability for our sisters and brothers. Further i will present a little collection of online resources for worship sermons, faith sermons and other new sermons. Feel free to add your sermons online resource too!

In theese days more and more christians a searching for a “www church com” or an online-chapel. The future of christianity will not change completely, but an online chapel makes it easy to access whenever you want. But not only the holy roman catholic church is represented online. We will suggest to all real roman catholics to compare different christian online church resources, discuss and share experience in our “www church com”.

Fraternal regards, your Padre Francisco

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